Second Life is an immersive 3-D environment that enables people to meet virtually to collaborate, socialize and create a world of their own design. As part of my Pepperdine University Educational Technology doctoral program, I have completed a series of consultancy projects with Linden Lab the creators of Second Life. The purpose of my consultancy was to explore the educational and knowledge sharing applications of Second Life with regard to higher education.

Introducing Your Real Life Students to Second Life

Real Life Student Orientation Tutorial (youtube video)

SL Volunteers Knowledge Sharing Project

Rubric Template for SL Educational Projects


The Panhellenic Project: The Panhellenic Project: Assessing Learning Engagement Using Web 2.0 Technologies - Dissertation Study. Key Words: Instructional Design, Engagement, Technologies, Second Life, Constructivism.

Overview of The Panhellenic Project


Sabbatical Project: Surveyed a sampling of community colleges, virtual high schools, and universities to determine which web-based technologies and applications are being used for student services. An overview of Web 2.0 technologies were provided as well as recommendations for implementation. I designed an interactive online student services prototype as an example of how to launch online services.

Example of Online Student Services Portal (Interactive)


@One Research Project: The @ONE Carnegie Scholars program supports research on using technology to improve student learning in California Community Colleges. My 2005-06 Carnegie Scholars fellowship explored the world of online student services in particular the participation level of non-traditional students.

Non-Traditional Student Participation in Synchronous Online Workshops



The doctoral concentration in Educational Technology has been designed to prepare leaders in the field of technological applications and innovation in the world of education and business. Concentration courses focus on advanced learning theory as it is related to product design, the relationship between humans and computers, and the special management issues that surround technology. Here are some of my projects:


Ethics & The Matrix (Virtual Law in Virtual Worlds)

Sociable Media

Cell Phones & Society



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"Workshop: How to Use & Other Web Resources" - Webinar - November 18, 2010


"Workshop: How to Use & Other Web Resources" - Diablo Valley College (DVC) - San Ramon Campus; San Ramon, California - November 16, 2010


"The Panhellenic Project: Assessing Learning Engagement Using Web 2.0 Technologies" - SLOAN-C International Symposium Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning; San Francisco, California - June 17-19, 2009


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"Exploring Online Student Services" - Flex Workshop; Pleasant Hill, California - August 14, 2008


"The Community College Connection " - Counselor Institute II, Contra Costa County Office of Education; San Ramon, California - April 17, 2008


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"Introducing Your Real Life Students to Second Life" -Second Life Community Convention 2006; San Francisco, California - August 18-20, 2006


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